i turned 49 in 2017 and could not be happier. i have three children ages 7, 10 and 12 years who have taught me more about myself than 49 years of searching. they have been my best photographic subjects and invaluable to my learning.

my dad is by far the most important person in my life and has led by example how to enjoy
every single moment. he has always urged me to follow my dreams and believe in myself.

my desire began when i was old enough to guard the camera. i became the family photographer, and cost my dad a fortune in printing.today, we break out those photos and laugh. i look forward to sharing those photos with my children some day.

my education began at the University of Georgia where i graduated with a degree in sociology and continued at the University of Miami where i earned an MBA. while attending business school in 1994, i started taking photography classes on the side. photographing children at play became my favorite hobby. quickly, the hobby developed into a passion and a business.

today, i find great pleasure in photographing my own children laughing and learning and crying and playing. they have changed my concept of what makes a great photo. i still try to keep things very simple and attempt to capture the true essence of children in the moment. and although i still begin a session with the perfect photo in mind, i also understand that perfection is rarely what children have in mind for us. my favorite shots are usually during the silliest and happiest moments of the session. i may be the one behind the camera, but they are our teachers...clearly calling the shots.