I was lucky enough to be in the audience at the oprah show in september 2009. There was an extraordinary woman from Zimbabwe on the show who proved that dreams can come true with hope and determination. We women have been given every advantage to succeed and be happy just because we were born in America and not Africa. That African woman was denied an education, married off at 11yrs of age, and was abused over and over again. One day she was visited by an aid from Heifer International who insisted that things did not need to be that way and that her dreams were achievable. She followed her dreams and is a huge success story. However, there are so many other women in Africa with so much potential who need our help. These families need a boost and just a little hope.

I am convinced that we girls can really make a difference in the developing world. By donating just $27 a year, each group of 12 people can feed a family for 1 year. Each donor will write one letter a year to this family, so that they know other people are pulling for them and believe in them.

So far, we have gathered 60 people (5 groups) to sponsor 5 women. I would love to add you to that list and sponsor even more women, so if you would like to get involved, please email me and i will add you to the list.

Thank you so much,